Yeezy 350 V2 Bred - Pre-Release Statement

Good Morning!

We are fired up and ready for this legendary colorway's re-release!

This pre-release post is pretty typical, but because this release is so highly demanded, I want to go a bit further in depth than usual. First, a few humble requests from our team to all of you today:

  1. Please use our FAQ and Terms pages if at all possible today. A large majority of inquiries we receive are answered on either of those pages. If you are unable to access those for any reason, you are always welcome to email us:
  2. If you do send us an email, please do not send us several separate emails/chats from the site or app. This will block up traffic and it will only delay our response time further. Be considerate of others as we will be working to help everyone in a timely fashion.
  3. Please be patient with us. We are here and we are ready to cook. Delays are expected but your inquiry will be answered as soon as possible.

Next, I want to address a few common questions right off the bat:

No confirmation email from the retailer but charged?

We do not control retailer confirmations. Please allow several hours to receive confirmations and be sure to check spam folders. You can also reach out to the retailer directly after 24 hours.

My slot hasn’t hit yet, what is going on?

All slots are running and will continue to run until the very last pair is gone. We do not pick and choose which ones hit immediately nor are we able to check on your specific slot individually mid-release. Please be patient.

Why am I getting instant reversals from retailers?

This is most common with FinishLine and JD Sports but it can happen, and it’s not uncommon. It’s nothing on our end, and likely not on yours either. Nothing can be done about it immediately, and your slot will continue to run.

Why are people getting multiples, and I haven’t even checked out a single pair?

Once again, we do not pick and choose which slots are successful. This happens, and it’s not within our control. All slots have the exact same chance to cook.

Can I change card info, size, address, etc?

We love y’all, but please do not send this question in...the answer is no.

Once again, PLEASE use the pages linked below if at all possible today.

Note* Use [Cntrl+F] or [CMD+F] on either page to search for a specific term related to your question to make it easier to find!



Email Us:

As always, we appreciate you all!

Nick & The RSVP Kingz Team