AJ5 - Oregon Pre-Release Reminders

Good Morning!

As always, some helpful information for everyone prior to the release. We tend to get large quantities of the same emails/inquiries after each release, so we like to put out as much information as possible.

Many answers can be found on our FAQ and/or terms pages which are linked below. Please use those resources, so we have more time to help any customers that have any issues out of the ordinary.

I also want to reiterate that sites have changed some of their processes as of the last few releases. We do NOT have any control over order cancellations by retailers. If you see instant credits/refunds to your account, it's not out of the ordinary, nor is it due to any issue on our end. Your slot will continue to run.

We do not handle retailer confirmations, nor do we receive any emails in your place. They can often be delayed, so there is no need to panic if you don't receive anything immediately. Confirmations are sent directly to the email address you used on your AutoCheckout information form when placing your slot order. You can check that in the copy of info we sent to you to verify that it is correct.

Helpful links below, and stay tuned for further updates!

FAQ: https://rsvpkingz.com/pages/faq

Terms: https://rsvpkingz.com/pages/terms

Contact Us: help@rsvpkingz.com