AJ1 Mocha - Live Release Update

As expected, the waters are a bit rough for this drop so far, but the release is still ongoing. We will post another update as soon as possible, but for now, we appreciate your patience!

Carbon 350 - Update

We have been cooking on footsites now as well as continuing on FinishLine. Yeezy Supply is coming up pretty soon, so there's still plenty of opportunities to cook!

We are already aware of instant refunds and/or possible cancellations. We do not have any control over those retailer actions, but your slot will continue to run until the release concludes!

FAQ: https://rsvpkingz.com/pages/faq

Terms: https://rsvpkingz.com/pages/terms

Carbon 350 V2 - Update

We are wiping stock on FinishLine with hundreds of checkouts already! Footsites are looking a bit dead, but that isn't totally out of the ordinary as of late. Regardless, we are doing very well, and expecting plenty of more checkouts as more retailers open throughout the morning.

We will post another update as necessary. Once again, feel free to check out our FAQ and terms pages if you are unsure of anything. If you can't find your answer, we are happy to help if you send us an email: help@rsvpkingz.com

AJ5 - Oregon

After some adjustments, we demolished FinishLine! Tons of checkouts flowing through, and everything is looking great for this drop.

Friendly reminder that we can not limit checkouts for you on our end. If you want to stop potential checkouts, you are welcome to lock your card if you have the ability, or contact your bank to see if they can place a temporary hold on the card for the remainder of the release.

We will  put up another update as needed!

AJ1 Bio Hack

Good Morning!

We are hitting checkouts on footsites, but we are seeing a lot of crashing. No raise for concern at this time, but checkouts are coming in slow and steady. We'll post an update if/when anything changes!

As always, our support platform will not be able to tell you if your slot was successful, so be on the lookout for charges/email confirmations (remember that emails can be delayed).

Check out these pages for helpful information or feel free to contact us with any questions if your answer is not found!

FAQ: https://rsvpkingz.com/pages/faq

Terms: https://rsvpkingz.com/pages/terms

Email Us: help@rsvpkingz.com

AJ3 Fire Red Denim

Good Morning All,

We have already starting cooking on FinishLine and JD Sports! Plenty of checkouts going through, and we're expecting a solid cook this morning. As always, keep your eyes out for email confirmations and charges throughout the day.

Confirmations are often delayed, especially from sites like this so if you don't receive a confirmation right off the bat, but see a charge, there is no need to worry.

As always, if you have questions, check out our FAQ page, Terms page, our give us a shout: help@rsvpkingz.com

FAQ: https://rsvpkingz.com/pages/faq

Terms: https://rsvpkingz.com/pages/term

Contact Us: help@rsvpkingz.com

Jordan 5 BelAir Release

Good Morning!

We are hitting plenty of pairs already, and we're running smoothly! No issues are apparent at this time. Please be sure to check for charges from retailers as well as any email confirmations. That is the best and quickest way to know if your slot is successful. We expect this release to be a solid cookout, and look forward to getting you your pair(s)!

*Please remember that we will not have any information regarding individual slot success for the next 24-48 hours. Our support can not immediately tell you if you hit or not.

As always, if you happen to have any questions that are not answered on our FAQ & Terms pages, send us an email: help@rsvpkingz.com and we will be more than happy to help.

FAQ: https://rsvpkingz.com/pages/faq

Terms: https://rsvpkingz.com/pages/terms

Contact Us: help@rsvpkingz.com

Yeezy 350 V2 Zyon - Update

Hit plenty of checkouts on footsites today! Ton of crashing, and we suspect we'll see some of the same repeat issues we saw on the last couple of Jordan releases. Nevertheless, there are an abundant number of orders that went through without any issues whatsoever!

Yeezy Supply's splash has gone up as of a few minutes ago, and we're looking to clean house!

Yeezy 350 V2 Zyon - Update

We have started to hit some checkouts on footsites. As expected, we're seeing a bit of site crashing and some card declines (meaning some of you may see automatic cancelled transactions on your statements). If you don't, there's no need to fret. All slots are running, and we've only just begun!

We're also very confident in our ability to cook on Yeezy Supply later on at 9 AM EST, so we're looking forward to that as well.

Please check our FAQ, and if you're not able to find your answer, contact us - help@rsvpkingz.com

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