Yeezy 350 V2 Zyon - Update

Hit plenty of checkouts on footsites today! Ton of crashing, and we suspect we'll see some of the same repeat issues we saw on the last couple of Jordan releases. Nevertheless, there are an abundant number of orders that went through without any issues whatsoever!

Yeezy Supply's splash has gone up as of a few minutes ago, and we're looking to clean house!

Yeezy 350 V2 Zyon - Update

We have started to hit some checkouts on footsites. As expected, we're seeing a bit of site crashing and some card declines (meaning some of you may see automatic cancelled transactions on your statements). If you don't, there's no need to fret. All slots are running, and we've only just begun!

We're also very confident in our ability to cook on Yeezy Supply later on at 9 AM EST, so we're looking forward to that as well.

Please check our FAQ, and if you're not able to find your answer, contact us -

Yeezy 350 V2 Zyon - Pre-Release Reminders

Good Morning!

As always, some helpful information for everyone prior to the release. We tend to get large quantities of the same emails/inquiries after each release, so we like to put out as much information as possible.

Many answers can be found on our FAQ and/or terms pages which are linked below. Please use those resources, so we have more time to help any customers that have any issues out of the ordinary.

I also want to reiterate that footsites have changed their process as of the last couple of weeks. We do NOT control order cancellations by retailers. If you see instant credits to your account, it's not out of the ordinary, nor is it due to any issue on our end.

We do not send out retailer confirmations, nor do we receive any emails for you. They can often be delayed, so there is no need to panic if you don't receive anything for a few hours. Confirmations are sent directly to the email address you used on your AutoCheckout information form when placing your slot order. You can check that in the copy of info we sent to you.

Sites are gearing up to drop, and we're fired up and looking forward to the cookout! Stay tuned for further updates!



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AJ1 Light Smoke - Update

Slots are still running, and we'll continue until all sites are confirmed as 'Sold Out'. Be on the lookout for charges and confirmations throughout the rest of the day.

Also, if you did not see our tweet, we hit over 10% of the total online stock for the MNVN Bone's which is unbelievable considering there was just over 1000 pairs available online.

Thanks again.



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AJ1 - Light Smoke - Update

We are hitting checkouts, but processing times are a bit slower than usual. Retailer site operations seem to be intermittent, which happens from time to time when they're not able to handle site traffic.

We'll continue running and adapt throughout the remainder of the release!

AJ1 - Light Smoke Pre-Release

This is a friendly reminder to all of those who may not already know:

Footsite retailers are notorious for placing additional pending charges on your account during the release, and often times, email confirmations can be delayed. We will not be able to offer you any information on individual slot success for 48 hours after the release. This is a general estimate to give us time to sort and organize our logs.

Footsites have also switched up some of of their processes as of recently. For this reason, we are expecting to see some automated cancellaltions on their end. If you see instant credits back to your account, or receive cancellation notices, this is not out of the ordinary. It does not mean you did anything wrong, nor is it anything we have control over.

Regardless, we are all set for the release. Sites will be dropping momentarily!



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Yeezy Bone MNVN

Good Morning,

Yeezy Supply has opened and we have started to hit some checkouts. These have turned out to be one of the most limited releases of the year. Please be patient, and keep an eye out for charges and confirmations over the next couple of hours. We will run on Adidas at 10 AM EST as well!

To put it in perspective, there are just over 1000 pairs in total combined for Adidas and Yeezy Supply.

Air Jordan 11 Low "Concord Bred" - Release Update

Smashing every site. Footsites (FootLocker, Champs, FootAction, EastBay), as well as FinishLine and JD Sports. Check for emails & charges! Expect multiple successes per slot! 😎

Cooked Today's Releases.

The day is off to a raging hot start. First, we hit 100% success on today's Supreme release earlier this morning. Then comes the Barium YZY QNTM's. This was one of the most limited drops we've seen in quite a while, with a measly couple thousand total pairs being released on Yeezy Supply. Not to worry - we cooked and wiped out a big portion of that stock for our customers. 😎 The Summer season has only just begun and we look forward to continuing to cook for all of you. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay positive!

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